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headshotcircleWelcome to My Transformation!

So…my guess is your here because you know deep down there has to be a better way…Right?  You go to work for 10-12 hours all the while fantasizing about something better and ways to improve your quality of life.  You day dream so long that you end up rushing at the end of the shift just to get out on time.

Only then can you rush away from your JOB to now pick up the kids, make dinner, do homework and whatever work you couldn’t finish earlier.  Your exhausted but find a few minutes to catch up on Facebook posts, twitter feeds, Pinterest and whatever app you have.


This life SUCKS!  …Bet you’ve said that a million times…Me TOO!

I’ve tried multiple approaches and with some success, discovered some interesting possibilities. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror  and saw a depressed, outta shape, tired and frusterated guy looking back at me…. That I put myself on notice and got to work.  I stopped making excuses…and got busy! 

Here is what I want you to do. Write down all your excuses…then read them aloud to yourself and a loved one.  Now…think about reading this to them from your hospital bed…or imagine them reading this after your’ve passed.  Kinda gets you doesn’t it…to think that you could have been around just a little longer had it not been for this list.

May 2016 was the turning point for me, my list of excuses have run out.  I hired a Coach! I have been studying Health and Nutrition tirelessly. Working hard with the aid of my new Coach and reading book after book on exercise and nutrition, I was making progress!  My body was changing and my motivation improving. But something was still missing…I needed more motivation…I needed a goal to confirm my change and prove to myself that I am committed.

Pushing harder than ever, going further than ever before would entail something more…a push or desire like no other.  So I spoke with the Coach and signed up for a Men’s Physique competition. That’s it!  I had no choice but to train hard and diet harder! And stick with a Plan! No backing down Now!


Here is my 5month transformation!

body transformation


Not to shabby!  The after photo was the night before the stage!  I worked my butt off and it paid off!

So now what?  How can I give my passion and drive to you?   I love what I’m doing now and have learned so much and come so far. Let me ask you a question: What would you like to improve about yourself?

a) Weightloss/ tone up, b) increase energy c) sleep better D) Gain muscle


Let me Introduce you to My Program

The program I have designed is a culmination of what I have learned over the 5 month transformation I made. The…”What it Takes”  kinda stuff.  My Program consists of a few parts.  First…Dieting!

This is the foundation of my dieting or not dieting! Your body needs to have micro nutrition ( vitamins and minerals) to keep going and fuel metabolic demands.  So the basic still hold true and that is “take a good multivitamin”.  I get mine thru IDLIFE and I can show you how to as well if interested.

Second your gonna need to track progress! That means get a good app…Like myfitnesspal and start tracking.  Tracking Macronutrients ( macros) which are Proteins, Carbs and Fats is vital. No one can tell me they just know how much they are eating.  We track everything else so why not track what we are putting in our bodies.

Third, Get a journal or diary and log your workouts! Call it a log whatever!…Just track your progress in the Gym. Make every workout count and make an effort to get better with each workout.  Progress doesn’t happen without change.

Plan! Having a good plan in place is another crucial piece of the puzzle. Most people I see in the gym do the same thing over and over without change and wonder why they look the same. Sounds kinda like the definition of insanity…NOT the workout! lol!

Motivation!  You can change your life for the better! Get Healthier! Get Stronger! Get Financial ! We all need motivation and this is where I feel a coach plays an important role.

Motivation starts off really high and then drops off just as fast. WHY? Because progress is slow and takes time. We are built to want things fast and on demand and when it doesn’t happen, we tend to thro our arms up and surrender. You will need motivation and commitment!

You can achieve this with my help…Me and my team will coach you every step of the way and be your inspiration and motivation!  All you have to do is make a CHOICE and a COMMITTMENT!

It’s not going to be easy but I guarantee you it’s going to be rewarding and Fun!  If this sounds interesting and you want to know more…send me you name and email below and I will send you a video to watch!  Once you’ve watched it…if your still inspired…then we will get your new life Started!

I really hope you decide to make the change!

Scott McCLain, PA-C, M.H.S

5 Months to Stage ready...

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