Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

E.P.O.C ( Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)

What the Hell is that? In Short...it's the amount of oxygen intake needed after performing strenuous physical activity to replace your deficit. Since I am trying to cut for my show, Oct. 2, I have been trying to burn as much FAT as possible. I Hate cardio...as many of you do as well.  But lifting with an increased intensity 5 days a week in the gym and now HIIT cardio training comes in and E.P.O.C.

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What are Macros?

Macros Vs. Calorie Counting!

When I start to tell people about my Macros, I feel as though they think it's a new diet!  I initially get " what is that"? Followed by a brief explanation on my part, then "I need to do Macros! "

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