Cobra Grips Review…The Fit, The Feel The Leather

Cobra Grips Review…The Fit, The Feel The Leather

Cobra Grips Review…

Well, I have been using cobra grips for over a year and I can say that I absolutely love them.  Cobra Grips seamlessly take the place of lifting straps, gloves, wrist supports and hooks.  They provide enough support to the wrist without being overbearing. They allow the weight to rest in the palm of the hand without tearing up your hands too.  These grips were well thought out and designed and carefully put together.  You hands are also left clean with no die or dirt noted after lifting.

Cobra grips are mad of leather with tight seems and durable construction.  They have a metal ring you loop the strap through and pull tight to close with a velcro locking material.  Let me just say that I am not a fan of velcro, but I have not had an issue with there velro. The straps come marked right and left so there is no guess work as to how to wear them.  You can get to work straight away and put up the weight.


Whether you’re performing pull-ups, dead lifts or other pulling movements, these Grips provide fantastic support.  Here is how you use them:  When you’re ready to begin the pulling exercise, just place the Cobra Grip in front of your palm while positioning the weightlifting bar between your palm and the grip. Use your fingers inside the Cobra Grip to fold the grip over the bar, so that the grip rests between the bar and the palm of your hand. If you have a little trouble, then I suggest you practice a bit but believe me…you will probably have no issue.

I have honestly used the grips for both pulling and pushing movements. I use then during bench press at times to protect my hand from the callous formation. I don’t need the grip help but the pads work well. I have also used them when performing military presses either barbell or dumbbell.  They work again as pads but more so as wrist support. I typically change out the grips in advance but if I am lazy…they work just as well.

I bought my grips off Amazon and got them in no time. The company is very supportive and are eager to please. I give them 5 stars for customer service.  The sizing is comfortable and this is what they have to say about it on amazon:

Cobra Grips PRO model fits wrist size from 5.5” up to 8.75” Most Men will find the PRO version to have a comfortable fit. Our Cobra Grips FIT Model fits wrist size from 4.25” up to 7.0” Many Women find the FIT version most comfortable. A TRULY COMFORTABLE FIT Fully adjustable 6mm neoprene gym glove alternative won’t hold you back

All in all I love these grips! I had a friend with versa grips and they appears OK as well;however, he is buying the cobra grips since using mine a few times. They really are a great product for the price as well. If your interested in buying them, feel free to check them out on amazon. You can use the link below…I will make a small commision which I would greatly appreciate. What for more reviews to come.  You can also see my original take on them in my video at the 7:45 mark. Enjoy!

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