Learn what I did to get in the best shape of my Life!

How I went from Fat to Fit in as little as Five months

One of the great fears we face is that despite our efforts, we will discover that we have wasted our life. This book gives you the tools to overcome your fears and reach your dreams

topics Covered

Workout Program

My Best Practices and excercises

Flexible Dieting

The right way to not Starve. Eat what you want.

Get Accountability

Why you need guidance and accountability


What I took and why and What you dont need

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  • what supplements do you need to take
  • my favorite sources of protein
  • what are the best times to eat
  • dieting tips that will keep you full all day

Author spotlight

ScottPac was formed from necessity! The struggle of living everyday life had taken its toll on me and my body. The former fit version of myself full of life and energy had been drowned by the lazy workaholic with a BMI of >27.  Yikes!  The Journey that lead to me writing this E-book is meant to inspire and help others find their true self.  ScottPac is about building not only the best body but the best you as well.

We have all been thru the ringer with programs and pills that promise we will be the next swim suite model on the cover of sports illustrated, but many of us fail because the truth is hidden.  I made this site to give you the TRUTH and share my journey and help you get past your struggle. ScottPac is about Team and unity and accountability. Its a family.

Scott McClain

Readers say

This book has helped me get my game in gear. I thought I didn't have time but I was just making excuses.

Paul Smith

The truth about what it takes and the know how to make real changes...spoken from true experience

Martha Hoax

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  • Learn what it takes to lose weight and get fit
  • Gain accountability and be part of a team
  • Don't suffer through a bad DIET! Eat more...
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