Are you ready for a Change!

Are you ready for a Change!

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?  How do you know your ready for a change?

These are definitely ways you can tell if someone is ready for a permanent lifestyle change. But before we dig into this, lets talk a bit about the why.

Why are they looking to change?  Is the why good motivation?

Is it significant enough to sustain change?

Some will be inspired by another persons transformation, while others will be motivated by disease or fear of disease. Either way, I am glad your hear reading this and getting ready to make the change. Taking steps to prepare yourself is definitely smart and advantageous. The motivation that lead you hear will carry you thru at least the beginning phase of the change.  What will take you the rest of the way is pure commitment.   Although, some people relapse once the change is implemented, it is usually easier to maintain. Just make sure your WHY is big enough!

Lets define the early stages of a Healthy Lifestyle change…

When I ask if your ready…I am referring to the stages of change.  There area  few stages a person will go through before they commit. Some are unaware they have a problem or feel that it is not fixable. This stage is the “pre-contemplation stage”.  Your not ready yet and you feel that being active is not important.

Then there is the “contemplation stage”…where you seek more information and/or knowledge about weight loss and fitness. You know there is a problem and are considering the importance of activity and the implications of inactivity.

Followed by the Preparation Stage! People here are actually performing some physical activity in preparation to adopt  an activity program. The activity here is not consistent and is mostly sporadic but your ready!

Ready for a new Healthy Life!

These following stages are often overlooked as important. I consider them important because most people fall off the wagon at around the 3-4 month mark.  Think back to your last New Years Resolution! How long did it last?

Then Action Stage…Your now in full swing with your regular activity but still less than 6 months. Cudos to you and keep up the good work!

Lastly, the Maintenance Stage…This stage is the continuation of regular physical activity for Greater than 6 months! Your healthy lifestyle pros!

Relapse is something plagues us all at every stage…this is the reason I asked what you WHY is in the beginning. If you can see that the changes you have made are for the better, you can see the improvements in yourself and your why is still important to you, then you will have made the complete change! As a health coach, my job is to keep you on track and learning to cope with the changes good and bad.

So where are you in this cycle? what is your Why? Only you can make the decision to change your life and become a happier healthier person.  Ask my what my WHY is…come on!