Get the "Skinny" on My Transformation

I turned 40 and turned Fit! Fed up with fads and meal plans, I decided to try something new. You can read about my journey in my NEW Ebook which will release soon...

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Cobra Grips Review

Cobra Grips Review

If your in the market for some extra support and grip strength, then Cobra Grips are the answer. I give these grips 5 stars!!!

HIIT Training for EPOC

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

E.P.O.C is the effect of performing HIIT training ( high intensity interval training). Why it's valuable and effective at saving time in the gym and burns calories like crazy. HIIT trainging is one of the secret weapons in your arsenal to revving your metabolism.

Weight Loss

Are you ready for a Change!

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?  How do you know your ready for a change? These are definitely ways you can tell if someone is ready for a permanent lifestyle change. But

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