So…I Partnered with IDLIFE!

So…I Partnered with IDLIFE!


So after a few months of relentless training for my first Physique show and trialing IDLIFe, I decided to become and official associate. The reasons for this…well…lets just say I want to make an overall change and impact thru my Journey.

IDlife, unlike some other companies, seems to be more focused in the wellness aspect of healthcare.  What I mean by that is they are centered in making a lifestyle change overall. Promoting not only there weight loss challenges and fitness challenges but they really focus on general health. Making a life change and sticking with it. After all, that’s my Goal Too!

Once I tried the nutrition and supplements, I had no problems with them and the science behind the product is sound.  After all, most of us take vitamins off the store shelf with no more than care in mind aside from whose picture is on  the bottle and how they taste.

As a Physician Assistant, the science is important to me and as a Health coach the wellness is important too. Why take something your body doesn’t need?  Do I believe the system is perfect, No, but it’s better than whats out there? YES!  I also believe the company will improve upon it.

The cherry on the top for me was the associated program. I can become and owner and sell the products, that I take, and earn a commission.  That’s pretty cool! When was the last time you left GNC, Vitamin shoppe or Walmart and they paid you to refer a Friend? Never!

So if your looking to take some really great vitamins and increase you health and wellness, why not make some money in the process? Yeah…IDlife is an MLM company ( Multi-level marketing) but most business are and don’t allow you to partake in the earning.  Imagine is General motors told there employees that they can sell there cars and earn a 30% commission and on top of that there downline could do the same and they would earn off there hard work as well. There would be some pretty wealthy GM employees!  Instead, most companies take the profits all to themselves. You actually sell a product so this is not a Scheme. Hell…Avon has been doing it for years!

Debt Free

IDlife states that they will help you not only get healthy but DEBT FREE!  What an awesome company.

I personally would like to sponsor and support others thru their journey and transformation! If you would like more info about IDlife…Please reach out to me!  They are a company moving American Health in the right direction.