Total Transformation…The Things I’ve Learned

Total Transformation…The Things I’ve Learned

Total Transformation

I am rapidly approaching my first men’s physique show this weekend.  The butterflies are starting to flutter around my gut.  I’m excited and nervous but not because I don’t feel ready, more because I will be judged on my efforts.

What it Takes

I started this Journey in April 2016 with just wanting to get into shape and trade my belly for the six pack that most celebrity models carry around.  The thought was to be a role model for friends and family and show that it can be done and without losing your sole to the …DIET! I’ve learned so much along the way…and I want to share it with you!

Currently sitting around 162lbs and 8% body fat, I think I know a thing or two about weight loss and muscle gain.  I began at around 180lbs and at least 20% body fat.  So what are the things I’ve learned:

  1. You have to just start ~ Really, stop talking and postponing and just start
  2. Set a Goal ~ Shoot for something. A competition is what I aimed for and here we are.
  3. Get a Journal ~ Log your Diet and workout. It helps GREATLY
  4. Figure out Macros ~ Moderation is good but great changes come from knowing exact numbers
  5. The sweet spot ~ I learned there is a sweet spot for weight loss without starving yourself
  6. Water ~ Drink tons of water. It’s great for skin, weight loss and metabolism
  7. Commitment ~You have to commit to change. Perseverance pays off in the long run. Not Genetics!
  8. Lift weights ~ You can make tremendous change buy lifting weights. Strength and weight loss
  9. Good Support ~ A good support system is key. Staying motivated is tough but a good group can help
  10. Mental Readiness ~ If you not into it mentally or your minds not right…you will quit! I equate this to a drug addict. They will not quit the habit until they are ready…the same holds true for Fitness and weight loss.

These are the things I have found that you need to understand to make change.  Most people want to look good and feel good but have no game plan. They talk a good game but cannot follow through.  They start every year with the resolution to get in shape only to quit by March if not sooner.  What I have found is that if just one of the above 10 things are off, you will be a statistic.

Getting fit is hard work and it’s not easy no matter what anyone will tell you.  Weight loss is easy! But weight loss and fitness are 2 different beasts.  I worked hard to gain muscle mass and lose weight.  If I were the average person, I would focus on one first and the other afterwards. I feel this will make sticking with a program easier.

Sticking with a program is key. Have a plan and write it down. It amazes me that most people plan vacations, plan there education out, plan there wedding etc…but take there health and fitness and treat it like a hobby. A poor hobby at that!  Our biggest asset…ourselves and we do not spend any time taking care of it.

These steps above will help guide you  to getting fit and healthy.  You do not have to be super strict but you have to know where you stand and who you are.  You have to be ready! As I type this right now…I am texting my support group about the up coming show this weekend.  I am getting excited. I will post the final result pics this weekend! I hope to inspire you and teach you with real life effort not what I read about.

Leave me a message if your interested in Coaching help! I am considering starting a private Facebook group and coaching for the average Joe.  Of Course, it will come at a price. Not because I need the money! But I pay a Coach myself and that is another thing to motivate you…Money! When you pay for something…you tend to pay more attention and give more effort.  Don’t worry though, I will not be charging something you can’t afford…I want everyone to benefit!

Leave me some comments below…Let me know what you think of this article! If you liked it and want more like it or what your interested in knowing. Have a Great Workout!

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