What are Macros?

What are Macros?

Macros Vs. Calorie Counting!

When I start to tell people about my Macros, I feel as though they think it’s a new diet!  I initially get ” what is that”? Followed by a brief explanation on my part, then “I need to do Macros! “

So for those of you who are still clueless about what Macros are…This is for you.

Macros is short for Macro nutrients.  Which are the Carbohydrates, Proteins and fats that you get through your diet or food intake.  The food you eat is composed of these three compounds plus other micro-nutrients and such. It’s similar to someone who watches their calorie intake or someone who counts calories but instead we count the grams of each Macro-nutrient. In doing this we can control the content or make up of the calories we eat.

(For example: if you want to eat a 2000 caloire diet that is great. All you do is count the caloric intake for that particular day and as long as it adds up to the 2000 you were shooting for your good. With watching macros though, we count the grams of Carbs, proteins and fats. This ultimately adds up to a caloric count but we are adjusting for the amount of each. Where as the calorie counter is not overly concerned with where the calories are coming from.)

Neither way is better than the other, it depends on what your goals are really.  I mean if your trying to lose weight then as long as your in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. The same hold true for weight gain, as long as your in a surplus  you will gain weight. The difference to me is body composition. Too many  carbs, protein and fat and your going to gain too much weight which can be converted to body fat. Not enough protein to help with muscle growth and your going to get heavy and have muscle wasting.  Obviously, you don’t want too much fat in your diet either, but to a degree this is good for hormones such as testosterone.

Macro counting gives you more control over you dietary make up and aids in body composition.  Protein leads to muscle gain and preservation during a cut and carbs power us up through our workouts.  We don’t really need carbs as fats and protein can handle the job but not as well as carbs can.

Increased protein intake causing more thermogenic affects as it takes more energy to digest.  This will provide for an increase in metabolism and weight loss.

So simply counting calories is okay if you don’t care about what you look like and you just trying to lose weight. But for more control over you appearance and energy levels, I find Macro counting is the best.

It’s pretty amazing what your body can do in a short time frame with some basic adjustments.  Keep in mind that watching your macros does not mean you cannot eat good either.  This is where flexible dieting and IIFYM comes into play.  But I will touch on that later!



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